Computer Backups

We were asked to supply a new computer and restore the data from user’s USB Drive.

Upon examining the contents of the USB Backup Drive, we could not find any useful data to restore.

The Backup was originally set up by a relative and it was apparently working over the last 2 years.

When I asked “how do you know that the backup was working”, the Answer was “there was a light on the USB Drive”.

Backups, whatever software is used, need to be periodically checked and verified.

Backups are essential to protect your business.

Backup Solutions for Small Business

Ransomware attack – don’t be exposed

How to recover from ransomware attack.

The best way to to recover from a Ransomware attack is to have a Recovery Plan.

1. Clean the System.

Remove all affected files and folders.

It could involve performing a clean install of your system.

Perform a Full Scan of your System with recognised Security Software.

2. Restore Encrypted files from the most recent backup.

3. If cleaning the System is too difficult, perform a Full System Restore from the most recent Image Backup.