Managed IT Services

  • We design your Network Architecture and Implementation
  • We select the best hardware and software to meet your business needs
  • We help setup your office computer systems for remote access
  • We set up your email systems.

Business Continuity

Will you be prepared if your system suffers data corruption, viruses, hard disk failure, power failure, accidental or malicious data deletion, theft or natural disasters?

We ensure all of your data is backed up and recoverable. Yes we even test our backups to make sure they work. We can guarantee your business continuity with minimum downtime.

  • We restore data to any 15 minute point in time
  • We can perform a complete server rebuild in minutes to a different server but if not available we can repurpose a workstation until a server is ready
  • We perform IT Disaster Recovery Testing

Security and Protection

No-one can guarantee 100% protection from spyware, ransom attacks and hackers but we can make sure that you are up and running again quickly.

We can offer the following services:

  • Audit of Current IT Security System and Procedures
  • Analyse and establish security requirements for Systems and Networks
  • Define and Implement Access Privileges
  • IT Security Testing
  • Research and Recommend Security Upgrades
  • Simulation of Hacking Attacks

We install state of the art cyber security systems. Did you know that a breach of your data must be notified and failure to do so will result in a seriously expensive fine?

More info about the Notifiable Data Breach Act.

Application Support

  • Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365 you can now access your mail and documents wherever you are and at any time of day or night.  

We have experience setting up applications such as Medical Director and Best Practice.

SMS Messaging Applications

Our SMS Messaging Applications can take the pain out of appointment or check-up reminders.